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Here Is How Bevolt Does It

In Bevolt we believe in bringing today the necessary change of tomorrow, delivering the world a greener home to live in. We strive to democratise and simplify the technology for energy consumers so that we can all together accelerate the much-needed energy transition. We foresee solar modules and batteries becoming a home appliance more, bought and served the same way a washing machine is today, without complicated engineering or installation.

Simplifying the complexity

Our vision is to facilitate the user experience with AR tech support for a full over-the-air experience, enabling IoT in each device for smart control, and implementing predictive maintenance routines to correct problems before they occur. And, eventually, our world-class machine learning algorithm shall dynamically and personally optimise the supply of energy needs of each consumer, minimising their bill while maximising their green content.

Join the energy revolution together with Bevolt!

Our Products

Micro Inverter BM2000


Hybrid Inverter BH5000


Battery Pack BB5120

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